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Antique Sofa

Sticking trends decorative that include antiques within the elements and concepts for the decoration, we would like the imposing presence that they always had the sofas in those times. Presence that reaches our days and that can be seen in the current decorative styles that govern our atmospheric. The location of these furniture in stays […]

Bio Chimneys In Your Home

As we know, the chimneys are quite decorative that many want to have at home, but unfortunately we all have the spaces large enough for them, which does not limit that we can have any other similar option to it in any of our environments. And not only is about having the space needed for […]

White Ceramic For Decorate Your Home

A new concept in ceramics in white color is what we can see in the latest trends decorative with those that have been clothing many homes and are well received in any season of the year, because it presents fresh and attractive during times of heat, but also is warm and inviting in cold climates. […]

Tips DIY for work at home

* To avoid the tools rust, puts a piece of chalk or a small bag of rice. This will absorb moisture. * If some of your tools are already oxidized, massage with a cloth soaked in oil or turpentine and get good results. * A universal remedy against rust of the locks or the seized […]

Bottels Decoration in Your Bar

The new campaign of Ballantine’S “Listen to your beat” (heard your pace) includes labels meter. Yes, these labels have devices with electroluminescent technology that allows them to emanate light of different colors, logos, images, texts, produce different effects and animations as appear and disappear. All parties to the design can be highlighted. It is more; […]